June 2015: Replacing the Old Culvert at Bob’s Pond

The old culvert running under the road and joining Bob’s Pond to the spawning channels has been a source of frustration over the past few years. Beavers have plugged the small circumference with rocks causing the pond to overflow and wash out the road. NCES attempts to foil the Beavers, including a cage made of rebar have produced only temporary set-backs for our single minded furry friends. In June, the road was excavated and the old culvert removed and replaced with a much larger one. This will greatly improve the flow of water between the pond and spawning channels making it easier for fish to pass through and obstruction more difficult.

culvert4culvert 1culvert 3culvert 2

An historical point of interest to this story: The Nile Creek provided drinking water to the community of Qualicum Bay until the mid 1990’s. The water flowed through AC pipes beneath the road from the intake  to the now decommissioned pump house at the end of Charlton Drive. A take-off from this pipe provides the water to the hatchery. While excavating to replace the culvert, great care had to be taken with the old water main pipe to ensure the continuing water supply to the hatchery. Photos courtesy of Jack Gillen.