Hatchery Revamping

Pacific Salmon Foundation provided major funding for the revamping of our hatchery during the month of August.

Working with Carlisle Services Limited, we eliminated many problems we have had to work with since the hatchery was opened.

First and foremost several safety issues were addressed:

  • The tanks and distribution trough were lowered approximately 45cm and spread apart allowing volunteers to walk around the tanks. This eliminates having to climb on top of the tanks to adjust water flow in the distribution trough.
  • Pouring eggs into the tanks will be much easier as will be picking dead eggs, no need to stand on wooden step stools.
  • Another problem eliminated was the difficult water control when opening and closing the main valve. Hand turn valves were added and a pressure guage is now on the main waterline valve.

Many thanks to PACIFIC SALMON FOUNDATION for their grant and Mel Shang retired DFO biologist, now Section Head SEP Operations at Fisheries and Ocean Canada. Mel provided many ideas we used, and was there when we ran our first test of the new equipment.