PINK SALMON: LIFE AT SEA by Dr. Robert Niedermayer

pink salmon nile creek

After fry move to the open ocean their pathways become very diverse. They may spend several months in estuaries along the shoreline or move directly into the open sea, traveling up to 60 km. from shore, In either instance they quickly form into schools as …

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Best Pinks Return in Four Years!

  The pink return this year was the best in the past 4 years, providing beach fishers with good opportunities to catch up to the 4 fish limit on good days. Rough estimate is 2500 to 3000 pinks in the creek and side channel! It …

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Hatchery Revamping

Pacific Salmon Foundation provided major funding for the revamping of our hatchery during the month of August. Working with Carlisle Services Limited, we eliminated many problems we have had to work with since the hatchery was opened. First and foremost several safety issues were addressed: …

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Hatchery Clean Up

After a successful release of Pinks it was time to clean out the Hatchery and prepare for this years next million Pinks!