Tree Crashes on Old Hatchery Building

A tree came down during the last strong wind and rain storm and caused extensive damage to the old hatchery building which is currently being used as a storage building. Due to the stricter Covid-19 restrictions it was decided that a scheduled repair & clearing team will be delayed in starting clean up until it …

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Pacific Salmon Foundation – Tank Upgrades

Once again Nile Creek Hatchery would like to thank Pacific Salmon Foundation for their generous grant. Without their help we would not have been able to accomplish our goal of eliminating silt from the tanks and improving water flow into the tanks. All six tanks were replumbed for better water distribution.Bottom of tanks had pipes …

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Nash Creek Diversion Channel Dedicated To Skip Young

August saw the Nash Creek diversion channel dedicated to Skip Young one of Trout Unlimited Canadian founders. This is in recognition of Skips work across the country to conserve and protect river systems and inspire a generation of conservationists.

Hatchery Update April 17th 2020

Moved several hundred fry to the pond this afternoon, there may be a few stragglers over the next few days but that should be the last of the pinks for this year. Next we have to put together a plan to work safely in the hatchery to clean out the tanks and paint the inside …

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The Fry Are Coming by the Thousands!

The fry have started coming out of the bio rings and into the trough! Hundreds of thousands have been transferred into the pond by the hatchery last week and again Saturday. The same will be done on Tuesday as the trough is filling up fast. Because of the small area to work in only 3 …

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Diversion Dam set up in Nash Creek

Feb 29th The diversion dam was set up in Nash Creek to allow coho Smolts access to the Salish Sea, without this dam the majority of the Smolts will run into a dead end part of the creek and die. Once the Smolts have entered the Salish sea the dam is removed and allow the …

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Removal Of Dead Balsam Trees

 Feb 25th : Two dead balsam trees were removed by Davey Tree Expert Co.   Davey Tree donated their time and equipment along with a 4 man crew to bring the trees down. One was dropped across Nile Creek to be removed later. The other tree had to be taken down in sections. All wood will …

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Bowser Elementary Hatchery Visit – Nov18

November 18th saw two classes from Bowser Elementary visit our hatchery. Approximately 50 students took part in the tour that included information on how the eggs are handled on their arrival from the Quinsam River hatchery until they are fully developed and released. The day before the visit fish traps were placed in the side …

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PINK SALMON: LIFE AT SEA by Dr. Robert Niedermayer

After fry move to the open ocean their pathways become very diverse. They may spend several months in estuaries along the shoreline or move directly into the open sea, traveling up to 60 km. from shore, In either instance they quickly form into schools as large as hundreds of thousands. It is generally thought that …

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The Eggs Have Arrived!

Volunteers from the NCES on November 12th. drove up to the Quinsam Hatchery in Campbell River and received and transported to the Nile Creek Hatchery the batch of Pink Salmon Roe to start the new season of nurturing these million babies from egg to fry.

Best Pinks Return in Four Years!

  The pink return this year was the best in the past 4 years, providing beach fishers with good opportunities to catch up to the 4 fish limit on good days. Rough estimate is 2500 to 3000 pinks in the creek and side channel! It seems the majority of our run went a bit further …

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Hatchery Revamping

Pacific Salmon Foundation provided major funding for the revamping of our hatchery during the month of August. Working with Carlisle Services Limited, we eliminated many problems we have had to work with since the hatchery was opened. First and foremost several safety issues were addressed: The tanks and distribution trough were lowered approximately 45cm and …

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