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Eelgrass Project

July 2015: Eelgrass Project

 Bowser Eelgrass Lagoons

            Bowser Eelgrass Lagoons

Mapping of eelgrass beds in the Bowser lagoons was completed in early July 2015, following the same methods used in 2013 and 2015. The full extent of both species of eelgrass, Zostera marina and Z. japonic, was mapped across the lagoons from Lagoon 5 to the outlet of Lagoon 1.

There were minor variations in the boundaries of the eelgrass beds, but no major changes in the distribution or extent of either species. As in previous years, the native eelgrass species (Z. marina) occurred almost exclusively in subtidal areas, while the introduced species (Z. japonica) occurred in the intertidal.

Densities of both species appeared to be similar to previous years with some increases in the density of Z. japonica, particularly at the eastern end of Lagoon 4. This portion of Lagoon 4 also had an area with nearly 100% eelgrass coverage consisting of an even mix of patches of both species.

Future monitoring will track changes in the extent of coverage of both species in this area.

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